Affordability & Financial Assistance

Programs Available for
the Next Steps of Your Life.

Financial Assistance – Veteran’s Affairs Canada (VAC) 

In recognition of the sacrifices made by Canadians in our country’s war and peacekeeping efforts, Veteran’s Affairs Canada (VAC) offers a wide range of benefits and services to qualified Veterans, released and still serving Canadians Forces (CF) members, Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) members and certain civilians.  Some of these services may also be available to their dependants survivors.

If you are qualified members, you may be eligible for a reduced rate on the care portion of your monthly rate.

For more information about services offered by VAC, please go to the VAC website at: or talk to your respective counselor.

Tax Benefits

For more information on tax benefits of living in a retirement community please click on the Canada Revenue Agency link. Canada Revenue Agency: Attendant care in an establishment claimed as Medical Expenses

Cost Of Living Comparison

Our main focus is to make you feel at home!  Your happiness is at the heart of our actions and accomplishments.  Our “Cost of Living Comparison” brings to light how the monthly rate at Kemptville Retirement Living is affordable vs. all the cost involved living at home.




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