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What is Russell Meadows Retirement Community?

Visit the About Us Page for complete information regarding who we are.

How does Russell Meadows Retirement Community differ from living in my own home? How private are my accommodations?

Russell Meadows Retirement Community is your home; one that you can be proud to live in. You may choose the size and floor plan that is perfect for you and decorate to your taste with all your favorite things.  You can also choose the service option you wish!  Staff is always there to serve you at any time.

Is any portion of the monthly fee tax deductible?

Yes. Portions of the monthly fee allocated to wellness have been ruled an acceptable tax deduction by the Canada Revenue Agency. Please consult your personal tax advisor for more details.

Do residents have a voice in the operation of Russell Meadows Retirement Community?

Absolutely. The Russell Meadows Retirement Community Residents’ group has a strong relationship with management. Regular meetings are held to keep Residents informed of the community’s well-being, and Resident committees have direct contact with department heads and the owner to express ideas and concerns.

Must I participate in activities?

The choice is always up to you. Your participation is welcomed, but your privacy is also respected. The variety of activities is so diverse, that nearly everyone finds something of interest. Many of our Residents thrive on the growth and excitement that comes with our programs and activities.  Friends and relatives are always welcome!

May I have guests in the dining room? Can they stay overnight?

Of course. Guests are welcome to share meals with you in the dining room for a minimal fee. Guests may also stay in your apartment, or if you prefer, overnight guest rooms are available at a reasonable rate.

Must I sign a lease?

No lease is required.  The Government of Ontario requires that you enter a residency agreement with Russell Meadows Retirement Community.

I’m interested in Russell Meadows Retirement Community, what should I do now?

If you are considering becoming a resident of Russell Meadows Retirement Community, we invite you to call us at 613-445-5200 for more information or to arrange for a personal visit.

Is the deposit refundable?

Yes, your $500 deposit reserves your suite and is applied to the first month’s rent when you move in. Should your plans change before that date, the deposit is 100% refundable.

Can I hang seasonal decorations, such as Christmas lights or wreaths?

Yes, we encourage you to personalize your suite with your own decorations or other seasonal items.

Who looks after general suite maintenance? Who will change my light bulbs?

Maintenance employees are available for odd repairs jobs or other tasks of a similar nature. In addition, there is no cost for routine suite maintenance or repairs.

Can I control the heating/cooling in my suite?

Yes, we understand that not everyone feels comfortable at the same temperature, so each suite is equipped with its own heating and cooling system. You can alter your room temperature to suit your own comfort.

Can visitors join activities? Can “outside” friends join trips and activities?

Yes, visitors and friends are welcome to participate in our activity programs. We believe in the saying “the more, the merrier”, and we encourage the full use of our building’s amenities. However, please note that some activities outside the residence may require pre-booking and payment in advance. Also, please be aware of the fact that participation in trips and other activities is offered to residents first.

When I am sick, will food be brought to my suite?

Yes, we offer complimentary in-suite meal service should you not feel well enough to eat in the dining room.

Can my special diet be accommodated?

Yes, we can accommodate most therapeutic diets, including diabetic, low-sodium, etc. As a general rule, our Food Service Manager is careful to ensure all meal selections are nutritionally balanced, and residents can choose daily from a varied and health conscious menu.

What happens if my health changes?

Russell Meadows Retirement Community was designed to offer a care-by- design option to explore if your health changes. Trained professionals are available 24 hours a day to administer health-care services. As well, you may retain your own physician, or use the services of the physician that visits our Residence.

Are the front doors locked?

Yes, the doors are secured from the outside only. For security purposes, these doors are locked from 6:00 PM to 7:00 AM.

Is there a fee for using the town car and our driver?

No, this is a complimentary service in order for our residents to enjoy neighbourhood outings and conveniently get to their appointments.

Are pets welcome at Russell Meadows Retirement Community??
Yes, we are pet friendly. 🐱 🐶
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